ChXout is a registered trademark belonging to Complement Genomics Ltd, a long established, reliable, highly recommended and trusted DNA testing company. The chXout service has been designed to serve the non-human DNA testing market with an array of DNA testing services.

Our services include, Bat Species IdentificationBird SexingBird Species IdentificationBird Parentage and DNA Barcoding of animals, plants and fungi for citizen scientists.

Great Crested Newt (Triturus cristatus) identification eDNA

We are proud to launch our great crested newt eDNA detection service for 2022!

We are expanding our services and working hard to also deliver beaver sexing.

Beaver Sexing Service

For 15 years we have worked on human DNA testing. Through business to business (Dadcheck Gold) and business to consumer (Dadcheck Silver and That DNA Company).

Our human DNA testing involves the determination of relationships (e.g. paternity) using state-of-the-art DNA testing technology. By running our own UK based ISO/IEC 17025 laboratories, accredited by the UK Ministry of Justice under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969, we ensure the highest quality every time.

Geneblitz is our contract molecular biology division which provides validated services in: bio-banking, biomarker analysis (genotyping and phenotyping; discovery and validation), DNA forensics, DNA sequencing, microbe analysis and nucleic acid extraction. Geneblitz serves contract research organisations and the pharmaceutical sector with approved genotyping and phenotyping for clinical trials. We operate this service to Good Clinical Practice.

We are also research active in human and non-human genetic/biomarker testing. We have been involved in a major project with the National Institute for Health Research. This project encompassed the examination of biomarkers which can predict healing in the diabetic foot ulcer.

We are based in the prestigious Durham Genome Centre