chXout® is a trusted, dedicated provider of a reliable and accurate bird sexing service through DNA analysis for breeders and pet owners alike.

Bird gender determination was the very first service to be offered by chXout® when our rural idyll fortuitously led us to the sexing of peregrine falcons.

Knowing a birds sex can be important for breeding and health but also the management and conservation of avian wildlife. For a range of species and most hatchlings, gender determination from physical appearance is extremely difficult. 

 DNA analysis is a quick and reliable solution for determining whether a bird is male or female. The test is based on the amplification of W and Z chromosomes of the birds. Female birds carry one of each chromosome (ZW), while males carry two Z chromosomes (ZZ).

Bird Sexing

 Bird sexing is achieved through DNA analysis of the following suitable sample submission types:

For more information on suitable sample submissions types and their collection, please visit our Sample Submissions page.

How does it work?

Why choose chXout?

  • We have processed thousands of samples for a wide range of species (Bird Species List).
  • We are UK based only, so by contacting us you will be dealing with UK based customer service and laboratories. We will never send your samples to other laboratories or overseas. 
  • Your results are available in 2-3 working days.
  • Quality assured DNA tests.
  • If we do not achieve a result the first time, we will repeat the experiment free of charge.
  • A professional and personal service.
  • Your final report is issued in a PDF format which is easy to download and print.

DNA testing benefits for bird sexing

  • Bird sexing DNA tests can be carried out for birds of any age.
  • The birds are not subject to the stress of transport.
  • Egg shell membrane sampling is non-invasive
  • The service is available year round (out of the main breeding season, there may be slight changes to extraction dates and turnaround times).
  • Gender can be determined for monomorphic birds where it is not possible to determine sex visually.
  • Knowing the sex of a bird from a young age through testing of the egg shell membrane can be beneficial for understanding more about their health and behaviour and also for breeding purposes.



3 working day turnaround

(incl. VAT)


2 working day turnaround

(incl. VAT)


1 working day turnaround

(incl. VAT)


Please note: During bird season (April-July), the day the samples arrive at our laboratory is considered “day 0”. As an example, if we received samples on a Thursday for a 3 working day turnaround:

Bird Sexing

Outside of bird season (1 August to 1 April), DNA extraction will take place on Tuesday every week, with results due on the following Friday. This will be at the regular service price of £22 (incl. VAT).

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bird Sexing Forms

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