bird Species Identification

Bird Species ID DNA Testing

At chXout® we provide a trusted and reliable bird species identification service through the genetic analysis of DNA. 

Species ID can be useful for purposes such as conservation programmes, the illegal wildlife trade, breeding and also bird strike cases.

When a bird species lacks a distinctive plumage or other physical characteristics, DNA testing can provide a quick a non-invasive method for determining species identity when the more conventional techniques of species identification prove uncertain. 

How does it work?

Species identification is made possible by molecular analysis of the DNA found in the following sample submission types:

After extracting, amplifying and analysing a region of DNA from one of these sample sources, we are provided with a DNA sequence for identifying a bird species. This sequence is then ran through a genetic analyser and matched against a database of known species, allowing for bird species determination. 

For information on suitable sample submission types and their collection, please visit our Sample Submission page. 

Why choose chXout®?

  • Your results are available in 5 working days.
  • Quality assured DNA tests.
  • If we do not achieve a result the first time, we will repeat the experiment free of charge.
  • A professional and personal service.
  • Your final report is issued in a PDF format which is easy to download and print.
  • We are UK based only, so by contacting us you will be dealing with UK based customer service and laboratories. We will never send your samples to other laboratories or overseas. 
bird Species Identification

Why DNA testing?

  • DNA testing can be carried out for birds of any age.
  • The birds are not subjected to the stress of transport.
  • An egg shell membrane sample is non-invasive.
  • Available year round
  • We can also provide gender determination testing.
  • Being certain of the species can aid with understanding more about health, behaviour and also for breeding purposes.

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