Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog Breed DNA Test

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog Breed DNA Test

Wisdom Panel 2.0 Dog Breed DNA Test

£58.29 ex. VAT



Have you ever wondered what breed is in your dog? For only £69.95 (includes VAT) you can now find out with a Wisdom Panel 2.0 dog DNA test.

We are very excited to now be working in collaboration with Wisdom Health to offer the Wisdom Panel 2.0.

This gives you helpful information on your dogs weight profile, to allow you to make appropriate nutritional and diet choices and your dogs breed ancestry for the last 3 generations to their great grandparents. This will help you to better understand your dogs appearance, behaviour, temperament and general health and to choose a specific training programmes to suit your dogs needs.

The science behind the test:

Wisdom Panel 2.0 is a dog DNA test which allows dog owners to identify their dogs breed through a simple mouth swab. By analysing more than 1,800 markers and comparing your dogs sample against a database of more than 12,000 other dogs, we are able to cover over 220 breeds which enables us to analyse your dogs ancestry.

Your dog DNA test will include:

  • Instructions on how to take the samples, how to activate your kit and how to send the samples back to the lab.
  • 2 sterile cheek swabs to be used per dog.
  • A prepaid return envelope to send the samples back to the lab.

To activate your kit simply visit https://www.wisdompanel.co.uk/ and enter the correct information.

Once the lab have received your samples, your report will be emailed to you within approximately 3 weeks.

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