We have processed 100s of samples for the DNA parentage of Peregrine Falcons and Gyr Falcons. If it is the case you desire a parentage test for another species, please contact us. 

We offer a DNA storage (Biobanking) service for your samples, we may then use these samples for any future parentage tests you may require! If at any time you want us to stop storing your samples, you may call us and cancel the service.

Why choose chXout?

  • Quality assured, our laboratory work and results are all thoroughly checked by a competent member of our skilled staff.
  •  Just in case we cannot obtain any DNA the first time, we will repeat the experiments a second time with more sample free of charge!
  • A professional and personal service, please do not hesitate to ever get in touch whether that be by phone, email or our online live chat service!
  • Results are available within 5 working days.
  • Your final report issued in .pdf, easily downloadable and printable.
  • Using our extensive Biobanking, we may store your samples for you for future reference!

Our Services

£ 50 *
5 Day Turn Around

*Includes VAT

This test includes the analysis of 1 alleged father, 1 chick and the mother is included free of charge.

Please remember, the day the samples arrive at our lab is classed as ‘Day 0‘.

£ 1 *
Biobanking (per month)

*Includes VAT

This service has a minimum payment of 12 months for each sample, from this point onward a monthly fee applies.

To order your kit, please select the product Bird Parentage test from the panel on the right hand side under “Bird (Avian) Services” and add the item to your shopping cart. Once we receive your order, we will issue your kit to the provided address.

If time is of the essence, you still have two options:

1. You can send us the samples yourself, in this case please ensure all samples are packaged securely and clearly labelled. Please then download one of each of our Sample Submission and Personal Details forms. 

If you do not have a printer available, please clearly write your full name, postal address, telephone number, email address and the service you require on a sheet to include with your samples.

2. You can drop the samples at our laboratories.  In this case, please make sure the samples are properly identified. You can pay directly to one of our staff or pay later as you desire.

As soon as your samples arrive at our laboratory we will notify you by email.

You can also send us an email ([email protected]) or contact us on 0191 543 9448.

Your kit includes Ziploc bags, Sample Submission form, Personal Details form and Sample Submission instructions.

If you prefer to send in blood samples, we may provide you with sterilised swabs for sample collection.

Our fee also covers all laboratory work.

We may take payment in the following ways:

  • Directly through our website ordering system via PayPal.
  • PayPal Invoice – we will issue this.
  • Pay by the Phone by debit/credit card. Please be aware all calls from chXout will appear as ‘No Caller ID’.
  • Cheque – made payable to “Complement Genomics Ltd”.
  • Cash.

We highly recommend, wherever possible, to send in dry egg membranes for analysis. If this is no longer an option, we also accept feathers (6+) and blood (on a cotton swab or in a vial).

As a last resort we may use mouth swabs, however please contact us before sending in any of this sample type.

If you require further details on sample collection, please visit: Bird Sample Submissions.

Once your samples arrive at our laboratory, we will issue you a sample receipt to your provided email address. This will cover the date we received the samples, how many and your expected due date.

Once your samples arrive at our laboratory, you will receive your report by email within 5 working days.

Please remember that the day that samples arrive is classed as ‘Day 0’. 

We do not work on weekends and bank holidays.

Our Forms: