What is Bird Parentage?

Bird parentage is a powerful tool for breeders and pet owners alike. Allowing you to establish clear genetic links between a chick and its parents.

Here at chXout, we have already carried out 100’s of bird parentage DNA tests to determine genetic relationships for Peregrine Falcons and Gyr Falcons.

If it is the case you desire a parentage test for another species, please contact us.

Chicks in nest - Bird Parentage

How does Bird Parentage Work?

Making use of a special technique known as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), we are able to copy all the regions of DNA we require for bird parentage.

We make use of PCR to copy multiple highly variable regions, known as short tandem repeats (STR’s). By copying and analysing these regions we are able to produce a DNA profile for each individual bird.

The same as with a paternity test, in bird parentage we are then able to compare the DNA profiles of the chick and mother to rule out the alleles inherited maternally (alleles are simply variations between individuals of sections of DNA).

By process of elimination, we are then left with the alleles corresponding to the alleged father, if we can then find a match we can conclusively say that the tested male is the biological father of the chick.

Our Parentage Services

Bird Parentage (5-day service)

*Includes VAT

This test includes the analysis of 1 alleged father, 1 chick and the mother is included free of charge.

Please remember, the day the samples arrive at our lab is classed as ‘Day 0‘.



*Includes VAT

This service has a minimum payment of 12 months for each sample. From this point onward a monthly fee applies.

Helpful Forms:

Biobanking Service

We offer a DNA storage (Biobanking) service for your bird parentage samples, we may then use these samples for any future parentage tests you may require!Β If at any time you want us to stop storing your samples, you may call us and cancel the service.