Why DNA Tests for Bird Sexing?

Our avian DNA testing method is the most viable solution for identifying male and female birds, which can be notoriously difficult for a range of species.

Unlike dimorphic species where males and females of the same species exhibit distinct visible characteristics other than their sexual organs, both sexes of a monomorphic species appear identical and cannot be sexed visually – this makes gender determination extremely difficult!

Female Peacock - Bird Sexing Service
Male Peacock - Bird Sexing Service

We can determine the gender of a bird species who otherwise cannot be determined by appearance or physical characteristics. This is achieved through DNA analysis of blood, egg membrane and feathers.

Utilising our DNA testing method of bird sexing is the most advantageous technique and represents the following benefits:

  • Appropriate to birds of any age
  • Birds are not subject to the stress of transport
  • Non-invasive
  • Not limited by time of year
For suitable sample submissions, please see our Sample Submissions page.

Why us?

We have processed thousands of DNA samples for the gender determination of birds from a range of species (Bird Species List).

The falcon breeding season is a particularly busy time for all involved, running from late April until July. We have developed a new service exclusively for breeders to help them manage their time constraints and busy schedules. Our new 1-working day turnaround service (£40 incl. VAT) is ideal for those who simply cannot wait to find out the sex or simply do not have the time!

This season alone we carried out avian DNA testing on ~2000 samples for a range of clients, whether you are a big breeder, small breeder or simply wish to know gender of a pet, get in touch today!

DNA Testing Services

3-Day Turnaround

2-Day Turnaround

1-Day Turnaround

*This service is only available for egg membranes during the bird season (April-July).

Please note: During bird season, the day the samples arrive at our laboratory is considered ‘Day 0’, all of our services should be counted from this point onwards.

Outside of bird season (April-July) DNA extractions will be carried out every Monday (‘Day 0’).

For an additional £15 you may also be provided with a bird certificate to accompany your results.

Helpful Forms

Our Bird Sexing Guarantee

  • Quality assured DNA tests, our laboratory work and results are all thoroughly checked by a competent member of our skilled staff.
  •  Just in case we cannot obtain any DNA the first time, we will repeat the experiment a second time with more sample free of charge!
  • A professional and personal service, please do not hesitate to ever get in touch whether that be by phone, email or our online live chat service!
  • Your final report issued in .pdf by email, easily downloadable and printable.

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