Why Bird DNA Testing?

At chXout we provide a bird species identification service through genetic analysis of DNA for species determination.

When a bird (avian) species lacks a distinctive plumage or other physical characteristics, DNA testing can assign species identity when the more conventional techniques of species identification prove inconclusive.

Species determination of birds using DNA testing allows for increased nonlethal studies of endangered or threatened bird populations.

How Does Bird DNA Testing Work?

Species identification of birds is made possible by molecular analysis of the DNA found in their dry egg membranes, feathers and blood.

Please see our bird sampling submissions page for information on how to collect suitable samples, whether that be egg membrane, feathers or blood.

After extracting, amplifying and analysing a region of DNA from one of these sample sources, we are provided with a DNA sequence for identifying a bird species. This sequence is then ran through a genetic analyser and matched against a database of known species, allowing for bird species determination.

Have you acquired a bird and you are not certain of its species?

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Bird on a stick - bird species identification

If you simply cannot curb your species identification interest at just birds, we may also identify between plants, fungi and other animal species. A DNA barcoding approach provides great potential in bird and wildlife identification, particularly when individual expertise for morphological identifications are lacking. Please see our DNA Barcoding service for more information.

Bird Species Identification Service

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