Plant & Animal Services

Plant & Animal Services

At Chxout, we offer a service to public and businesses for the identification of biological specimens using DNA analysis.  This can be used together with other clues to help you identify the species. 

For example, you may have some seeds that you would like to identify, or may be having a debate over a plant in the garden. Or perhaps you are on a woodland forage and wish to identify a fungus you have found….we can help!

You may have an animal specimen that you wish to check or indeed a pond creature, wasp or bee.  Whether plant or animal, if it has been alive then it will have DNA and we can identify it for you. 

Indeed, we can even work from “dead” specimens such as bones, though please contact us about that as we will need to understand the specimen and form a view as to whether it will be suitable for DNA analysis – please note, higher charges will apply.

Please remember that this technology can identify the species, it does not extend to the variety. 

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