chXout are a trusted DNA testing service provider, dedicated to providing breeders and pet owners alike with accurate and reliable DNA testing.

For a range of species and most hatchlings sex determination by their appearance or physical appearance is extremely difficult. Therefore, DNA analysis presents itself as the most viable solution for determining whether a bird is male or female as the sexing polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detects DNA sequences in the avian sex chromosomes; male birds (ZZ) and female birds (ZW). Bird sexing is achieved through DNA analysis of the following suitable sample submission types:


Dry Egg Membrane

Plucked Feathers

Mouth Swab

For more information on suitable sample submissions types and their collection, please visit our Sample Submissions page.

Why should you choose chXout?

  • We have processed thousands of samples for a wide range of species (Bird Species List)
  • Your results are available from 1-3 working days
  • Quality assured DNA tests
  • If no DNA is obtained the first time, we will repeat the experiment (free of charge)
  • A professional and personal service
  • Your final report is issued in .pdf form (easily downloadable and printable)

The falcon breeding season, running from late April until June, is a particularly busy time for all involved at chXout. During the 2019 breeding season alone we sexed more than 2000 samples for a range of clients. Whether you are a breeder or pet owner and wish to know the gender of a bird, get in touch today!

Sexing birds using DNA testing technology represents the following benefits:

Appropriate to birds of any age

Birds are not subject to stress of transport


Not limited by the time of year

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3 Working Day Turnaround

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2 Working Day Turnaround

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1 Working Day Turnaround

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Please note: During bird season (April-July), the day the samples arrive at our laboratory is considered ‘Day 0’. So as an example if we received samples on a Thursday on a 3 working day turnaround:

Outside of bird season (1 August to 1 April), DNA extraction will take place on Tuesday every week, with results due on the following Friday. This will be at the regular service price of £22 (incl. VAT).

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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