Bat Species ID Kit

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Bats are a protected species in the UK under domestic and international law. By analysing non invasive samples such as faeces we are able to identify these amazing species without disturbing or harming them.

chXout’s bat species identification service can accurately and cost-effectively identify all 17 species of bat found in the UK from a single dropping, providing there is enough genetic material.

As bat species cannot be accurately determined from the shape and size of its droppings, our service presents itself as the perfect tool for ensuring accurate identification to support your ecological studies.

Suitable Sample Submissions:

  • Bat droppings (guano)


Kit Contents: 

  • Labelled tubes
  • Gloves
  • Sample Submission Form
  • Sample Submission Instructions
  • Personal Details & Payment Form


  • 3 Working Day Turnaround (£60.00 incl. (VAT)
  • 4 Working Day Turnaround (£54.00 incl. VAT)


Please note that the return of your sample(s) is not included in the price.

Please remember that we do not operate on weekends or bank holidays and that the day your sample arrives at our laboratory is considered ‘Day 0’.


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