Our Services

  • Plant & Animal Services

    Plant & Animal Services

    A service for the consumer to identify plants (or plant parts...seed, leaf, fruit or root), animals or fungi at the species level to support any taxonomy you may have. Also, a service to provide canine testing to dog owners to identify their dogs breed.

  • DNA in the Environment

    DNA in the Environment

    Identify and monitor wildlife. DNA based technologies using our environmental genetics service such as identification of bats from their droppings. Conservation enquiries requiring DNA (including eDNA) testing are particularly welcome.

  • Food Authentication

    Food Authentication

    Certify that your ingredients are authentic, protect your brand and increase your customer's confidence by using our DNA tests for seafood and meat species and our DNA based ingredient quantification services. DNA testing for plant based ingredients is also now available.

  • Bird Services

    Bird Services

    Identify unequivocally the sex of your birds with our DNA Bird Sex Determination Service. Bank your bird's DNA with us or discuss with us DNA profiling of your bird for parentage and/or species identification.

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