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ChXout® is a registered trademark of Complement Genomics Ltd. based at the prestigious Durham Genome Centre.

The Durham Genome Centre can be found in Lanchester, County Durham. It is home to chXout® and further Complement Genomics services which you can find out more about below.

Complement Genomics was formed in April 2000 with a vision to truly take DNA testing to the general public. We have since continued to bring forward new DNA testing services to both businesses and the general public. This includes services such as human identity testing, as well as genotyping and Covid-19 screening.

Our rural idyll fortuitously led us to the DNA sexing of peregrine falcons and as a result our flagship non-human DNA testing service chXout® was formed. We offer a range of services suitable for the general public, professionals and conservation projects alike.

A busy “bird season” every year provides gender and parentage testing to a wide range of clients. We are proud to offer our bird services year round. Additionally, our Professional Services include species identification DNA tests for bats and our Great Crested Newt eDNA service.

Here at chXout® we are passionate about all things conservation and biodiversity with ongoing development into our Citizen Science service. Keep an eye out for interesting news updates, research and thoughts through our blogs and social media!  Similarly, we are keen to get involved in any local projects or research ideas you may have so please do not hesitate to get in touch with the chXout® team.

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Other Complement Genomics Services

Geneblitz® is a DNA testing and molecular biology service company designed to serve the CRO (contract research organisation) and pharmaceutical sector with state of the art genotyping and phenotyping for clinical trials. Geneblitz® work through from phase I to post marketing surveillance at GCP (good clinical practice).

At the present time we offer a full service testing for SARS-CoV-2 by PCR via

We also offer human identity testing direct the legal profession and social services via and business to consumer via ( and This involves paternity and human relationship questions using DNA testing technology. Our UK based ISO/IEC 17025 accredited laboratories are recognised by the UK Ministry of Justice for section 20 paternity testing.

We are all based in the Durham Genome Centre.

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