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NEW FOR 2023!

We are very pleased to now be able to offer DNA testing to determine the parentage of racing or homing pigeons.

A pigeon DNA test to determine parentage is a powerful tool for breeders and owners, allowing the determination of clear genetic links between a chick and its parents.

Racing pigeons can be extremely valuable, requiring a need for an accurate means of determining genetic lineage or identification. For example:

  • Identification for the sale of valuable birds
  • Confirmation of young parentage
  • Genetic lineage may be important for some pigeon races
  • Identification in case of theft
For further information please see our Pigeon Parentage service page and sample submission information.


8 working day turnaround

Pigeon Parentage Package includes: 

One chick DNA profile
One mother DNA profile
One potential father DNA profile
Parentage analysis
DNA profiles stored on file for future cases

Additional chicks or potential fathers can be added on at £49.20 per bird.

Please remember that we do not operate on weekends or bank holidays and that the day your sample arrives at our laboratory is considered ‘Day 0’.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.


A sampling kit includes:

  • Ziploc bag(s) for egg membrane or feather samples
  • Sterile swab(s) for blood samples
  • Sample submission instructions

The necessary paperwork to include with your samples can be found at the top of the service page.

Please note that the return of your sample(s) to our laboratory is not included in the service price.

Upon receipt of your order, we will email to confirm whether or not you require a free sampling kit. Quite often our clients use their own sampling materials so we always like to double check to avoid wastage.

If you would like to contact us to get started, please do let us know if you would like a free sampling kit and we can arrange for one to be sent out as soon as possible via first class mail. Please email with your full name (client reference if you have one), address and postcode, roughly how many samples you plan to send us and the type (blood, feather or egg membrane). Alternatively, please give us a call on 01915 439 448.


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