DNA species ID

A bird DNA test? Not something you hear every day?!

Thanks to our rural location we were fortuitously led to developing our first non-human testing service. We were asked to look into the possibility of DNA sexing peregrine falcons and from there hatched chXout®!

Our skilled staff and state of the art laboratories are at the forefront of using DNA technology in ornithology. We provide our bird DNA test services to both businesses and the general public alike all across the UK.

Each year from around April to the end of June we experience a very busy “bird season!” This is thanks to our well-known and extremely popular bird sexing service. Alongside bird sexing, we carry out species identification and parentage testing. All bird DNA test services are available year round for your convenience.


We are able to determine the sex of many species of birds. Our bird species list can be found here. Please remember that this list is continually being updated, so if you are unable to find your species, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

If we have not sexed a bird of your species before, we recommend, if possible, sending a sample from the same species which you know to be female. We can test this alongside your sample to aid our analysis.


Our research into the genomics field is bringing forth new assays and opportunities for bird DNA testing services. We are currently working on optimising our parentage testing with hopes to expand this service so watch this space!

With a passion for wildlife, conservation and biodiversity, we are keen to collaborate with conservation projects, ecologists and citizen scientists. 

If you think genetic testing might be able to help you or your field, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your ideas.

We look forward to working with you!