Bird Sexing

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Our simple to use kits and reliable results make chXout® bird sexing service the premium choice for determining the gender of your bird.


Upon receiving your order, we will contact you to see if you require sampling materials.  We will send these out to you as soon as possible via first class mail.

You can order your DNA test online if you already have sampling materials. Simply place your order online and pop your samples in the post with your order number.

A standard kit contains:

  • Labelled Ziploc bag(s) for feathers or egg membrane
  • Sterile swab(s) for blood samples
  • Sampling instructions & relevant forms
Please note that the return of your sample(s) to our laboratory is not included in the price.


Please remember that we do not operate on weekends or bank holidays and that the day your sample arrives at our laboratory is considered ‘Day 0’.

  • 2 Working Day Turnaround (£32.00 incl. (VAT) (available April-July)
  • 3 Working Day Turnaround (£22.00 incl. VAT)

Outside of bird season (1 August to 31 March), DNA extraction will take place on Tuesday every week, with results due on the following Friday. This will be at the regular service price of £22 (incl. VAT). If you wish to order online during this time, please select the 3 working day option.

If you have any queries at all, please do not hesitate to contact us.