Great Crested Newt eDNA Testing

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Our price includes:

  • Sampling kit
  • Kit delivery
  • Full report

The return of your samples to our laboratory is not included in the cost. If you’d like us to organise a courier to collect the sample(s) from your location simply call us on 0191 543 9448 or email  We will advise you of the cost and arrangements when you call.

You may already have an arrangement with a courier – we receive couriers at our Lanchester facility during normal working hours, Monday to Friday. Please remember to tell us if you are using this option so we know when to expect your sample(s).

Please ensure that you follow the return packaging guidelines on the sampling instruction leaflet.  All samples are checked on arrival to ensure that they are in a suitable state to be tested.

Please do not courier samples to us overnight on Friday as we cannot receive deliveries over the weekend. The samples, which need to remain cool, will be held at a courier depot over the weekend at an unknown temperature.

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