Great Crested Newt eDNA Test

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 Great Crested Newt (GCN) eDNA testing is designed to aid ecological surveys.

eDNA analysis is quicksimple and cost effective

Our service price includes:

  • Laboratory analysis within your chosen turnaround time
  • Full lab report
  • Our lab protocols and standardised GCN eDNA kit are developed in line with Natural England protocols (Biggs et al, 2014). 
 For more detailed information about this product, please visit our service page.


  • Our kits are available to purchase through our shop priced at £25 incl. VAT.
  • We provide our GCN eDNA Kit separately so that you can decide on roughly how many kits you require and then add the analysis on each time you use them.


  • Please note that the return of your samples to our laboratory is not included in the analysis or kit cost. If you’d like us to organise a courier to collect the sample(s) from your location please email with your contact information, collection address & required collection date.

  • Please ensure that you follow the return packaging guidelines on the newt kit return information document included with your kit.

  • To reduce the amount of packaging involved in the service, we recommend using the delivery box to return your samples. This means that it will also have the relevant labelling and a returns document can be attached.

  • Please do not courier samples to us overnight on Friday as we cannot receive deliveries over the weekend. The samples, which need to remain cool, will be held at a courier depot over the weekend at an unknown temperature.

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